5 Questions We Wish We Had Answers To

When will I be rich?

The beauty of life lies in its uncertainty; at least, that's how the saying goes. However, there are times when we wish we would be rid of this ever-present 'uncertainty', and just get some clear answers for once! How awesome would life be, if we knew when our next salary raise was coming, or which lottery ticket would win us a million bucks! Just imagine the sheer possibilities...the things we could do, the plans we could make, and the time and money we could save! Sometimes, it's just better to have answers to certain questions, like:

1. When will I be rich? - This question would definitely be numero uno on everyone's list. Knowing exactly when we will become rich would probably sort out all our financial problems. For starters, we would plan our finances better, invest and save accordingly, and if all else fails, go out and buy that lottery ticket. Now, wouldn't that be fun?

2. Am I under or over-educated for the career I want? If we knew exactly how much we need to study in order to snag the job of our dreams, it could save us a lot of unnecessary cramming, examinations, and precious years of our life. After all, isn't getting an education all about the moolah?

3. Where is this relationship headed? - Just like life, relationships come with their own set of uncertainties. And once you cross the "desi" threshold of 25, all hell breaks loose, with everyone from your aunt to the postman and his brother asking you about your marriage plans! You would be really steamed, if it weren't for the questions arising in your own mind: Where is this headed? Is there a future? Are we right for each other? Knowing the actual outcome of a relationship in advance would make life so much easier. Not only would it reduce social pressure, but also help us pre-empt expenses before hand, and enable us to save much heartburn.

4. Do I want to have kids? How many? - While some of us are pretty certain about having kids (also when and how many), sometimes accidents happen, and we can end up with a surprise (or two) cradled in our arms. If only we knew the answer to this question, life would be so much easier!

5. How long will I live? 60? 65? 70 years? Maybe longer? Imagine the prospects of having information like this at your disposal. If we knew exactly when we are to bid adieu to this big, bad world, we could plan our time better, travel the world, and prepare our friends and families for the end...literally, live life to the fullest!

The future is always uncertain, but that's how it works. However, you need to ensure that the uncertainties of life don't come in the way of your own and your family's financial security. So #RethinkInvestments with UTI Mutual Fund.