30/01/2017 11:08 AM IST | Updated 30/01/2017 12:03 PM IST

Baby Dolphin Dies In Argentina After Beachgoers Pull It Out To Take Selfies

The tourists left the dolphin to die.

Bottlenosed Dolphin Leaping

In another case of a tragic outcome caused by selfie mania, or the obsession with taking selfies that has assumed epidemic proportions across the globe, a baby dolphin died in Argentina because a group of tourists pulled it out of water to pose and take photos with it.

According to a report in the La Capital, the group of beach-goers kept the dolphin out of the water for too long on the San Bernando beach causing it to die.

A woman named Claudia who was witness to the scene told the C5N TV channel that the people "left the dolphin to die". C5N also posted a video of the incident on Twitter.

The eyewitness mentioned that the tourists could have put the beached dolphin back in the sea but instead, chose to click selfies with it.

There have been many instances of people attempting to click selfies with wild animals putting their own and the animals' lives at risk.

In India, Mumbai imposed a selfie ban in 16 zones in the city after 19 people were killed in these areas while taking selfies.