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A Happy Mind Is The Secret To A Good Mark Sheet, Says PM Modi In 'Mann Ki Baat' Address

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NEW DELHI -- Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday urged the youth of the nation to smile more to score more marks and not consider examinations as pressure.

Addressing the nation on the 28th edition of his Mann Ki Baat programme, PM Modi said examinations should not be considered as pressure, rather it should be celebrated as a festival.

He also told the students what while competing with others gives birth to jealousy and ego, competition with self lead to introspection, encouragement and confidence.

Here are the top quotes from his address:

  • It is up to you, how you want to appear for the exams.
  • Exams should be celebrated as festivals and that will bring out the best in you.
  • Smile more and score more marks. Remain happy and stress-free to score more marks in the exams.
  • When you are relaxed, the recall value will be more.
  • A happy mind is the secret for a good mark sheet. When you are tensed, knowledge takes a back seat. Do not let that happen.
  • Only studying for marks will lead to shortcuts and one will limit himself or herself. Important to study for knowledge.
  • We will observe a silence of two minutes on morning of 30 January to pay respect to martyrs who gave their lives for the nation.
  • Congratulate families and personnel who won gallantry awards on Republic Day. I urge youth to research on them by using internet and spread the word.
  • My condolence to the brave jawans who lost their lives due to avalanche in Jammu and Kashmir.
  • In the light of recent Republic day celebrations I'd say the stress laid on rights must also be laid on duties.

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