Ladies, Here Are 5 Ah-Ah-Aahhh-Amazing Ways To Make Yourself Orgasm

It’s time to take matters into your own hands.

Masturbation. It's a genius thing, really. It can make you feel fantastic no matter how bad your day might have been otherwise, it doesn't make you fat (chocolates), doesn't do nasty things to your skin (cigarettes), you don't have to answer annoying questions like, 'how was it for you?' (men), doesn't require you to laugh at seriously unfunny jokes before you can get some (men, again) and it's perfectly acceptable to fantasise about both the Hemsworth brothers or both the Ryan's, maybe even at the same time, while doing it with yourself. Considering all this, women almost owe it to themselves to wank off. Here's a little help.


Stop ignoring your nipples, they want in on your orgasm, and rightly so. Nipplegasms are orgasm you can get by stimulating the nipples. Sounds too good to be true? It isn't. A Rutgers University study found that nipple stimulation lights up the same area of the brain—the genital sensory cortex—as genital stimulation. Another study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that a woman's nipples are the most sensitive to pressure and vibration, compared to the other erogenous zones of her body. So, diddle away, ladies.

Bring out the toys

Plural; that's right. If you don't own one (and hopefully more) yet, we suggest you remedy the situation immediately. Even if you only have a vibrator, don't limit its use to the vagina alone. Tease yourself by using it on your neck, the sensitive spot behind your ear, nipples, belly button, thighs... Don't set your vibrator to the highest speed from the get-go, gradually increase the speed and work your way to the G-spot and the C-spot.


Who said lubricants are meant to be used during sex alone? And who said masturbation is not supposed to feel as good as or better than sex? According to a 2013 study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, 90 percent women found sex more pleasurable after using lubrication. Another 2013 study from Indiana University's Centre for Sexual Health Promotion found that 50 percent lube users said it helped them orgasm. Whether you're working with a penis, a vibrator or your own fingers, clearly, wetter is better.

Don't stop at one

We may not have many things that men have, but we have multiple orgasms. Considering we're blessed with the ability to see shooting stars over and over again without long recuperating periods, it's almost sacrilege to stop at one when you're in complete control. Treat your orgasms like chips—absolutely cannot, will not, must not stop at one.

Personal voyeurism

Women tend to have a contentious relationship with their vaginas. We don't look at them or talk about them until we absolutely have to. A British study last year found that just about 50 percent women could locate the vagina on a medical chart while over 70 percent could identify the foreskin, penis and testes. Disturbing, isn't it? So look at yourself. There's something deliciously erotic about pleasuring yourself in front of a mirror and watching yourself come.