25/01/2017 3:33 PM IST | Updated 25/01/2017 4:20 PM IST

Priyanka Gandhi Has The Perfect Come Back For Sexist Remarks By BJP MP Vinay Katiyar

Katiyar had said there were prettier women than Priyanka Gandhi who were campaigning.

Rajesh Kumar Singh/AP

After BJP MP Vinay Katiyar made blatantly misogynist comments about Priyanka Gandhi's appearance, and then went on to justify it by saying he had said nothing wrong, Gandhi has took him down in the best come back possible.

Answering exclusively to Delhi-based journalist Tavleen Singh Aroor, she said:

Earlier in the day, Katiyar, who is a Rajya Sabha MP, had said, "There are many other girls/women more beautiful than her who are star campaigners. There are heroines, there are artists, they are more (beautiful)."

Despite coming under severe criticism from activists, and other politicians Katiyar remained unapologetic.

He told NDTV, "I am not sorry, I will not apologise," he said.

"My remark was based on questions asked by the reporter. My comment is being misquoted, I said beauty doesn't get votes," Katiyar said.

And that couldn't be more far from the truth. See for yourself:

Katiyar's comments come close on the heels of sexist remarks made by JD(U) chief Sharad Yadav who had said, "Beti ki izzat se vote ki izzat badi hai (the honour of a vote is higher than the honour of a daughter)."

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