24/01/2017 9:46 PM IST | Updated 24/01/2017 10:09 PM IST

Spurned Girlfriend Castrates Man In Madhya Pradesh

She is yet to be arrested.

sharpphotos via Getty Images
Kitchen knife dripping in blood on light background with copy space

BHOPAL-- A girl who was upset with her boyfriend, gave him a deadly surprise. On Monday, she blindfolded him, saying that she would give him a surprise, and subsequently cut his private part with a knife.

The girl was upset because her boyfriend's marriage was fixed elsewhere, sources said. The incident occurred at Jamodi in Sidhi district in Madhya Pradesh, 672 km from Bhopal, on late Monday evening.

The victim was critically injured and was admitted to a local hospital. Later today, he was shifted to the Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Hospital in adjoining Rewa district.

Sanjay Kewat, 24, who hails from Sidhi, has been working in Mumbai for the last two years. "My marriage was fixed with another girl but we still kept meeting each other," he said.

On Monday evening, Kewat's girlfriend called him to her place and told him that she wanted to give him a surprise.

"She blindfolded me with her 'dupatta' and pushed me down on the bed. She kept talking and took off my clothes," he said, narrating the incident.

"Suddenly the excruciating pain hit me. She had cut my private part with a knife", he said.

"She told me that if I can't marry her, she won't let me marry anyone else. With great effort I managed to reach my house. My family members brought me to the hospital," he said.

The condition of the victim remains serious.

The police have found blood in the girl's house but the slashed private part couldn't be found. "The spot has been inspected and blood was found," said a police official. "The girl is yet to be arrested," the police added.

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