'My Students Mistook Floppy Disk For A Pack Of Gum': Redditors Reveal The Moment That Made Them Feel Old

Karde mushkil jeena, age kameena.

When was the godforsaken moment when you felt old? Age is just a number, they say but it is hard not to feel anything when the neighbourhood kid tells you "Uncle/Aunty can you please pass me the ball?" or when you take a moment to look around in office and realise that some of your colleagues are at least 5 years younger. Add to that, the painful reminder from every relative: "Beta, ab toh shaadi kar lo."

Let's just all agree that age is a touchy subject. You don't have to be old, you just have to feel it. So, when a Redditor asked, "What moment made you go, "Wow, I'm old"?," answers poured in and it will make you realise that you are not in this alone.

1. When I saw teenagers struggle to figure out what a cassette player was. -- big_papa_hemingway

2. Someone who was born in 2001 applied to work at my store the other day. I almost cried. -- DanHero91

3. A co worker had to explain how to use Snapchat. -- funnygirl87

4. When my 16 year old brother told me "I don't do Facebook, it's where all the old people are." -- anjadup

5. When at work I realised I was wearing a shirt that was older than a number of my colleagues. -- fernbritton

6. When cartoons became computer animated. -- BighouseJD

7. Realising there are kids in school today who will only ever learn about 9/11 from books because they weren't alive when it happened. -- chornu

8. When I realised 1997 wasn't 5 years ago but 20. -- cold_in_the_south

9. When you realise the year you joined university wasn't 4 years ago but a decade ago! makes life seem even more on after burner mode. -- poopellar

10. High school teacher here. In December I held up a 3.5" floppy and asked students what it was. Responses included "a hard Post It," "a pack of gum," and "the save icon." -- blandwindowsill

11. When a pretty, young 20-something held the door for me. -- Bob_Loblaw007

12. Was teaching a class at university. Some first-year undergrad was born in 1999. -- edinburghkyle

13. I was watching a 'kids react' YouTube video some time back and a kid referred to Linkin Park as classic rock. -- MalluRed

14. Explaining what cc means on an e-mail, followed by bcc and then by what a carbon copy is. -- Sussex631

15. When I looked at a People magazine in a doctor's waiting room and realised I didn't know who any of the celebs were. Didn't care, either. -- Mumbaibabi

16. We had a kid come in as an intern and during one of our discussions we found out that he had never, in his life, seen a typewriter. -- brennanfee

17. Was talking about MySpace and my younger cousins (13-16) said "what is that?" -- vexation253

18. Well, I had a job interview the other day where 2 out of the 4 people conducting it were younger than I was. -- BeefiestName

19. Everywhere I go now, everyone calls me "Sir". -- dudeARama2

20. I was explaining our DSLR to my daughter and when I got to film speed she asked me what film is. -- Reapr