23/01/2017 10:58 PM IST | Updated 23/01/2017 10:58 PM IST

Goa Enhances India's Beauty Like A Mole On A Face, Says BJP President Amit Shah

Shah was speaking at a poll rally in South Goa's Vasco assembly constituency.

Hindustan Times via Getty Images

VASCO -- Indian's smallest state Goa enhances the country's beauty in the same way a mole enhances the charm of a beautiful face, BJP National President Amit Shah said on Monday.

"Goa is a small state. In such a big country, it is located along the western shores. Goa may be a small state, but it is a beautiful state," Shah told a poll rally in South Goa's Vasco assembly constituency, located 35 km from Panaji.

"God sometimes places a mole on a beautiful face, which enhances the beauty of the face. The same way, because of Goa's beauty and culture, the beauty of India is enhanced," he added.

Goa is one of the five states, along with Punjab, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh and Manipur, which are going to polls. Goa and Punjab will feature in the first round of elections on February 4.

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