23/01/2017 9:21 AM IST | Updated 23/01/2017 11:10 AM IST

There's One Image From The Jallikattu Protests That Will Fill Every Tamil Movie Fan's Heart With Delight

Two of Tamil film industry's biggest stars came together on the same dais.

AFP/Getty Images
An Indian protester holds balloons during a demonstration against the ban on the Jallikattu bull taming ritual and call for a ban on animal rights orgnisation PETA, in Chennai on January 21, 2017. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has overturned a Supreme Court ban on a bull-wrestling festival that fuelled massive protests in southern India by demonstrators who called it an attack on their culture. / AFP / Arun SANKAR (Photo credit should read ARUN SANKAR/AFP/Getty Images)

It's not every day that two of Tamil film industry's biggest names come together on the same dais for a cause. There have been a lot of support pouring in for Jallikattu, a centuries-old bull taming sport, from celebrities, including AR Rahman, Pawan Kalyan and Mahesh Babu.

But the protest in favour of lifting the ban on the sport brought together Rajinikanth, who enjoys a demi-God status in Tamil Nadu, and Kamal Haasan, an exceptionally talented colleague and contemporary, on the same stage in Chennai. Fans have been clamouring for some years now for a film that starred two of the biggest names in Tamil cinema, but nothing had come of it.

The protests at least gave the respective fandom of the two huge Tamil stars to see their matinee idols on the same stage together, joining forces to pressure the government into promulgating an ordinance despite a Supreme Court ban on the sport. The two have acted in over 10 films together.


Earlier, they had appeared in a photo-shoot together after the Vikatan Awards where Rajinikanth presented the Lifetime Achievement Award to Kamal.