19/01/2017 2:40 PM IST | Updated 19/01/2017 3:43 PM IST

After Rahul Gandhi Flaunts His Torn Kurta Onstage, Karnataka BJP Workers Gift Him A New One

You'll never see Modiji in a torn kurta, Gandhi had said.

Adnan Abidi / Reuters

In response to Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi's statement about a wearing a torn kurta and identifying with the poor, a group of BJP Yuv Morcha workers from Haveri, Karnataka have sent him a new one.

Yuv Morcha leader Shrinivas told the Times of India:

"Rahul Gandhi withdrew ₹4,000 from the bank 40 days ago. He never returned to the banks. So he doesn't have money to buy new kurta. So we have sent a new kurta from our Yuv Morcha. People will teach him a lesson in the coming days for his attitude."

During a speech in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, Gandhi, while slamming Prime Minister Narendra Modi for many things, had stopped midway to show the crowd the torn pocket of his white kurta.

He had said:

"Mera kurta phata hua hai, lekin Modiji ka kurta kabhi phata hua nahi milta. Bade paisewaalo ke saath unki photo milegi (I wear a torn kurta but you'll never see Modiji in a torn kurta. You'll only find his photographs with the rich people of the world.)"

While the speech had earned Gandhi a roaring response from the crowd, he was criticised for it on social media.


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