18/01/2017 5:11 PM IST | Updated 19/01/2017 11:14 AM IST

SummerLabel, An App That Aims To Be The Zomato Of Clothes Shopping

Making good clothing and accessories stores easier to locate.

Yamini Chao
Salesgirl showing dress to woman in supermarket

The website Zomato has become synonymous with restaurant searches online, making it very easy to get all kinds of information about restaurants, both old and new, in the cities they cover.

Now, another startup called SummerLabel, wants to offer similar solutions in the world of fashion and shopping. Vanya Mishra and Apaksh Gupta launched SummerLabel in May 2016 with the aim of listing reliable stores where one could shop for clothes and accessories within a given area. Currently, the SummerLabel app is only available for the Delhi NCR sector.

"The idea for this came along when I was searching for jewelry to gift my mom," Gupta told HuffPost India. "While there were very few brands available online which I could rely on, I had to turn to my friends to give me suggestions for shops where I could buy something."


The product inspiration came from Zomato as Gupta used to run a Delhi restaurant called Smuggler's and his experience with the food search service had boosted sales for his outlet. So, he and Mishra, who incidentally won the Miss India crown in 2012, decided to try a similar model for shopping outlets.

SummerLabel does not just offer store searches; you can use the app to look for products such as ties, leather belts, dresses and more. The app lists online and offline stores, and you can see their product catalogues and product lines, and shop accordingly.

The startup has tied up with so-called fashion influencers online as well by integrating the influencers' Instagram feeds and information about the stores they shop from, to offer more choices and reliable options to users.

"Right now we have over 70 offline and online stores listed on the app," Gupta said. "But we have the data of 800 stores and we are transforming them into the app format every day."


The SummerLabel app plans to put in place a rating system that lets users rate a store. For starters, a panel of experts from the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) rate the stores based on their 'fashion quotient'.

The app is free as of now but Gupta said that they might put in place a "freemium" model that has more options for paying premium customers. SummerLabel is planning to launch the service in Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Kolkata in the next six months. Currently available on Android, an iOS version is on the cards.