18/01/2017 2:06 PM IST | Updated 18/01/2017 4:03 PM IST

Noida Is Angry And Hungry, Dozens Of Their Pizzas Are Getting Stolen Every Week

Who moved my pizza?

Ciro Luca / Reuters
What's worse is, the pizza thieves don't just steal one pizza.

Last year, an RTI report revealed that more than 1000 cars got stolen in Noida. It seems, soon enough, pizzas will give a tough competition to BMWs and Audis as priced possessions.

According to a Times Of India report, pizza delivery boys say that on an average, a dozen pizzas are stolen in Noida every week. However, it's not reported since it's just pizza and no one will apparently take it seriously.

What's worse is, the pizza thieves don't just steal one pizza. They steal all the pizzas that the delivery boy is carrying at that time. And usually, a delivery boy carries 4-5 pizzas when out for delivery. "It's not as if they steal only one pizza when they rob you. They take away all the pizzas," a delivery boy told ToI.

Though most of these cases are not reported, recently the police nabbed a pizza thief.

On January 6, when Rajnish, a pizza delivery boy, was robbed in Sector 58 of Noida, he spotted a PCR van in the area and went to ask for help. The cops chased the pizza thieves and caught them in the next 15 minutes.

The police, although acknowledging that such crimes do occur, told ToI that they cannot investigate without the cases being reported.

"Yes, we have heard of the odd cases of delivery boys being robbed in the city, but we can't take action or investigate, if the cases aren't being reported," a senior police official told ToI.

In 1995, a 27-year-old man was sentenced under California's "three-strikes" law to 25 years to life in prison for stealing a slice of pepperoni pizza. Maybe, somebody should tell these pizza thieves about him.

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