China State TV Tweets Its Troops Can Reach Delhi In 48 Hours If War Breaks Out, Indians Have A Good Laugh

"Depends on fog situation in Delhi."

Tensions between India and China, though mostly latent, are common knowledge. After all, both countries harbour grand dreams of becoming the next 'superpower'. There are plenty of unresolved issues, both small and big, between the two neighbours who went to war in 1962. Given the context, a controversial tweet popping up on our Twitter timelines is bound to catch attention.

A tweet by the International Spectator (@spectatorindex), a state run Chinese TV channel, claimed that China could send its motorised troops to India's capital New Delhi in 48 hours and its paratroopers in 10 hours if war were to break out.

The account tweeted:

"CHINA: State TV says it would take country's motorised troops 48 hours and its paratroops 10 hours to reach India's capital if war broke out"

The tweet soon caught the attention of the Great Indian Troll Army who immediately took to the battlefield, posting hilarious though mostly light-hearted tweets.

The biggest obstacle that the invading Chinese troops would face? Traffic, of course.

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