17/01/2017 4:11 PM IST | Updated 17/01/2017 6:20 PM IST

There Is A 'Great Wall Of India' In Madhya Pradesh That No One Knows About

Make way, Great Wall of China. (Not really)

IndiaPictures via Getty Images

Turns out India could have a great wall of its own. If reports are to be believed, there is a 80 kilometre long wall running through a part of Madhya Pradesh, and not much is known about it.

The 'Great Wall of India' as the historians have already started calling it, could be the longest fortification of its kind, second only to the Great Wall of China, if excavations prove that it is actually 80 kilometres long.

The Hindustan Times reports that the wall stands half-way between Bhopal and Jabalpur, cutting through the valleys in the Vindhya ranges, teak forests, langur domains and wheat fields, and interrupted by a dam, built 20 years ago, at one point. According to the newspaper, locals have known about the wall all along but have no clue about its age or historical origins.

Rajeev Chaubey, a chemist based in Raisen, has been taking an interest in the wall since the 1980s. A hermit once walked into his shop and told him that the same wall ran through the forest near the town of Gorakhpur-Deori further piquing his interest. The hermit then helped Chaubey and others explore the wall inside the forests.

Retired archeologist Narayan Vyas too has been exploring the mysterious wall. He told the Hindustan Times that while the structure itself doesn't have any inscriptions and therefore offers few clues about its origins, excavations around it have thrown up several relics.

While Vyas speculates that the wall could possibly belong to the Parmar era between the 9th and 13th centuries, historian Rahman Ali says that it might not be from that period of time in history.

The Madhya Pradesh tourism website too seems to have taken note of the mystery wall, and has put up a vague description on its site. The website claims that the wall is 120 kilometres long.

It says:

The Great wall of India -120-km long wall in Raisen district is supposed to be the great wall of India.

120-km long wall found in Raisen district would be surveyed by experts. The wall, spreads from Badi to Udaipur in Raisen district and covered under thick forest, would be a centre of attraction very soon.

While the website claims that the wall will soon become a tourist attraction, the news report says that the Archaelogical Survey of India has no immediate plans to investigate the mystery wall.