14 Struggles People Who Hate Delhi Winters Know Very, Very Well

Image used for representational purposes only.
Image used for representational purposes only.

An ignored, ridiculed minority of people in Delhi don't really look forward to the winters. No number of stylish trench-coats, discounts on boots and gajar ka halwa can console them. Every little chore seems like a challenge, including simple, essential things like breathing and drinking water.

While the rest of the world is making the freezing winters sound like a beach holiday, we bring to you the struggles of the unfortunate few who have no great love for the season. #YesWeExist

1. Getting out of your bed in the morning is scarier than a high school calculus exam.

2. Just the thought of taking a bath makes you want to die.

3. When you finally make it to the hot shower, getting out of it seems like a suicidal thing to do.

4. You can't turn while sleeping because the bed, pillows, your entire world is freezing.

5. You temporarily say 'bye' to your social life because nothing is worth stepping out and having your nose frozen.

6. You hope you never have to do any activity that requires you to sit on an iceberg, also known as the toilet seat.

7. No matter how many socks you wear, your fingers and toes are always frozen.

8. Most of your conversations end with coughing, sneezing or rubbing your nose.

9. Getting dressed takes forever because you wear at least five layers of clothing at any given point of time.

10. When you're finally dressed, you look like something like this.

11. Your productivity hits an all-time low because all you can think about is keeping yourself warm.

12. And you cannot even escape the city easily, if the numbers of cancelled trains and delayed flights are anything to go by.

13. And oh, by the time winter ends your lungs have forgotten what clean air used to be like.

14. You can't feel a new part of your body after every auto ride.