Atif Aslam Pauses Karachi Concert Mid-Way To Rescue Girl From Eve-Teasers

"Insaan ka baccha ban."

KARACHI -- Pakistani singer Atif Aslam brought his concert in Karachi to a halt to rescue a female fan, who was being harassed by some guys during the show.

The incident happened on Saturday when the 33-year-old 'Pehli Nazar Mein' hitmaker had taken to the stage to belt out his hit numbers for the crowd.

However, midway during his performance, Atif motioned his hand and asked the musicians to stop playing when he noticed a group of men bothering a girl in the front row.

He went up to them and sternly asked the boys not to harass the girl.

"Haven't you seen a girl? Atif is seen asking the gang angrily in a video posted on Youtube by concert goers.

"Your mother or sister could be here as well," he added.

After issuing a warning to the rowdy boys, the singer pulled up the girl on the stage and asked concert organisers to get her a place somewhere else.

"Insaan ka baccha ban (act like a human being)," Atif reprimanded them, before resuming the show.

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