14/01/2017 5:12 PM IST | Updated 14/01/2017 6:57 PM IST

Of All The Funny Rahul Gandhi Videos, This Might Be The Densest

"The Congress party is about a 100 years old, but you can see its symbol in religious images throughout history."

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Rahul Gandhi (or his speechwriter) has been responsible for giving the country some of the most befuddling and intriguing lines that exist in language. For example, who knew politics could be in your shirt and your pants. Or what phenomenon escape velocity was, had it not been for Gandhi.

Gandhi, some would say, has taken it upon himself to keep us entertained. The latest in this tradition of oratory fireworks was the recently-organised Jan Vedana Sammelan. Gandhi's speech here enraged the BJP, which went on to file a complaint with the Election Commission saying he has violated the EC's code of conduct.

During this speech, Gandhi said, "I have been told that the Congress party is about a 100 years old. But when I came across a portrait of Shiva, Guru Nanaj Dev ji and other major religions in the world, I found the Congress symbol -- that of the hand -- in every picture."

"I then asked (Congress leader) Karan Singh ji, 'Why is the Congress symbol visible in every religion like Islam, Hinduism, Judaism'," he went on.

He then proceeded to tell the crowd what Singh told him:

"He said, 'this means, daro mat. Don't be afraid of the present conditions. Face the truth. Now, this is a strange thing that since 3,000 or 4,000 years before today, in every religion, you are being told this. The symbol is also there. And you are being told not to be afraid of your present and reality'."

If you are still not satiated, please get your fill by watching the video.

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