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Here's What Aamir Khan Has To Say In Response To Meryl Streep's Golden Globe Speech

Proceeding with caution.

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When she was awarded the Lifetime Achievement award at the Golden Globes, instead of going the conventional way of thanking family, friends, and colleagues, Meryl Streep decided to use the opportunity to take on US President-Elect Donald Trump.

The speech went wildly viral with most praising her for taking a strong political stand. A number of Hollywood celebrities, including Robert DeNiro, George Clooney, and Ben Affleck, supported her, with many even defending Streep when Trump termed her 'overrated.'

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Back home, Aamir Khan, who caused a major stir when he said that his wife Kiran Rao talks about leaving the country because of the rising intolerance, was asked what he felt about Streep's speech and the reason our celebs shy away from taking political stands.

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Khan has been generally cautious with his words ever since his 'intolerance' remarks, an episode that made Snapdeal drop him as their brand ambassador. (A book, I am a Troll, claims that BJP's IT cell put pressure on the e-commerce site to terminate Khan's contract).

About celebs taking (or not taking) a stand, Khan said in a Pinkvilla video, "It doesn't matter if you are a celebrity or not one. All of us have a responsibility towards the society."

Measuring his words, Khan paused before adding, "Each one has to do our own thing. We can't expect only celebrities to take up a cause and work for it. All of us should do it, each one of us should contribute."

It's clear that the actor is taking a diplomatic stand as the protests that followed after his previous comments led to a massive controversy with the Hindu Sena even protesting outside Khan's Bandra house.

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