These Underrated Desi Comedians Are Making Waves On The Internet

Get, set, hold your stomach!

Chances are, you are not an automatic laughter generator like Navjot Singh Sidhu, and as a result, don't quite enjoy watching the Kapil Sharma show. You take refuge either in YouTube or wait for the next stand-up comedy act to come to your city.

If you are the kind who's always on look-out for new, interesting stand-up comedy acts, here are a bunch of people you should watch out for.

1. Daniel Fernandes

Daniel's forte is taking risk. He often takes up controversial subjects and while he is making you laugh, he also compels you to think.

YouTube Channel: Daniel Fernandes

2. Amit Tandon

Tandon's work is more laid-back and makes for an enjoyable watch after a tiring day at work. His language is simple and relatable.

YouTube Channel: Amit Tandon

3. Rahul Subramanian

I first noticed him in an AIB video. On checking out his own channel, I found Subramanian has a way with words and almost everything he talks about -- break-ups, dads, children -- are very relatable.

YouTube Channel: Random Chikibum

4. Karunesh Talwar

Karunesh is angry. Karunesh is pissed. Karunesh is an absolute delight to watch.

YouTube Channel: Karunesh Talwar

5. Varun Grover

Listening to National award winning lyricist Varun Grover, when he is on stage and speaking his heart out, can be addictive.

There's no specific YouTube channel where you can follow Grover's content because he's everywhere. (Pro and bro tip: Search "Varun Grover" in the YouTube search bar)

6. Atul Khatri

Atul Khatri stands out among the brilliant comedians who form East India Company.

YouTube Channel: East India Comedy

7. Varun Thakur

Varun talks about daily struggles in India and you can relate to everything he says. A part of comedy collective SnG Comedy, his videos are a perfect weekend binge watch.

YouTube Channel: SnG Comedy

8. Azeem Banatwalla

Though a part of East India Comedy his solo stand-up acts are delightful to watch.

YouTube Channel: East India Comedy

9. Sanjay Rajoura

You will usually find Rajoura ranting about the evil, screwed up 'system'. His acts never feel like a carefully produced performance, instead, they are spontaneous and energetic.

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