The Truth About Brazilian Waxes: 11 Things They Didn't Warn You About

No pain, no gain.
Woman bronze tanned body in summer with bikini line
Woman bronze tanned body in summer with bikini line

There comes a time in every woman's life, when she needs to take a deep breath, watch Kung Fu Panda, doff her imaginary hat at Oogway, chant 'inner peace' and set up a Brazilian wax appointment. She knows what's coming: a friendly-looking woman will lather her vaginal area with some wax and rip the hair out. She can actually hear her own screams much before the actual ritual takes place. So here's a handy list that will tell her what no parlour lady who says, 'kara lijiye madam, sab karatein hain' , ever warns her about.

It's NEVER not awkward

No matter how many times you have gotten it done and how great your beautician is at making the poker face, stripping down in front of her is never going to be a cakewalk. Even if it is your 100th Brazilian wax. That's exactly why women tend to run to the same woman all the time.

Schedule a bikini wax between 3pm-5pm

Never believe anyone who says it's just like regular waxing. It is exactly what you thought it is: a nightmare. The skin in your pubic area is thinner and more sensitive than other parts of your body. It is believed that a woman's pain threshold is highest between 3pm and 5pm, and it could be a good idea to book an appointment around that time. It couldn't possibly reduce the trauma considerably, but there's no harm trying, right?

It gets more painful with each strip

Once you have taken the plunge -- that is gotten the first strip yanked off your pubes -- it WON'T get better. You'd think, it gets less painful and you get used to it. Newsflash: That does not happen. In some cases, the next few strips can be more painful.

You can actually pop a pill to ease the pain

Taking a painkiller 30 to 45 minutes before your waxing session can help reduce pain. It also has anti-inflammatory properties to ease any swelling or inflammation.

Don't schedule your appointment right before or during your period

Why would you want to make Brazilian waxing -- an already torturous process -- even more harrowing? Your vaginal area is extra-sensitive during menstruation, so ensure that you get your waxing done at least a week before your due date.

Give yourself a trim

Brazilian waxing when your pubic hair is extra-long can be super painful and difficult if it is too short. So trim yourself down there and keep the hair length at about quarter to half an inch, to make the process easier for yourself and the waxing lady.

For such a small area, it can take an eternity to wax

Don't be fooled by the fact that your vaginal area is small, so the waxing process will be over in no time. Since the area is more sensitive than the rest of your body, it takes longer than waxing any other part of the body.

It can get very, very itchy in a few weeks.

After the initial euphoria of having a perfectly smooth nether region, comes the seven day itch. Yes, when the hair grows back, it's going to itch all over.

You become more susceptible to infections with a waxed pubic area

When you get your pubic hair removed with wax, it can also rip away the top layer of your skin, leaving tiny cuts and tears and making you prone to bacteria infections. This ups your risk of getting infections, rashes and even sexually transmitted diseases. So make sure your parlour is clean and the therapist follows basic hygiene precautions like clean hands. Plus, the removal of hair exposes your vagina to infections more readily.

Don't drink coffee before getting a Brazilian wax

Various sources, like this one, suggests that skipping coffee before getting a Brazilian wax is a great idea. "The stimulants in coffee can make your skin extra sensitive, so switch to decaf for the morning and drink a cup after your wax instead," says Stylecaster.

Avoid your skinny jeans for a few days

Wait, wait, don't reach for that lacy thong if you have just gotten a Brazilian wax done. Don't wear lacy thongs, skinny jeans and body-hugging dresses for the first day or two as your skin's going to be really vulnerable. Instead, wear comfortable cotton underwear and loose pants.