11/01/2017 12:20 PM IST | Updated 11/01/2017 1:21 PM IST

WATCH: This Is What Modi Said When Jairam Ramesh Asked Him To Join The Congress Party

The video from the 1990s is going viral.

Years later, Ramesh is a known detractor of Modi.

The Internet is one great place to find hidden gems. Like this one, where a young Narendra Modi, then Bhartiya Janata Party's general secretary talk to Congress leader Jairam Ramesh in this interview with journalist Vir Sanghvi.

The video that dates back to the 1990s has suddenly gone viral.

In the video, Modi first talks about Congress' politics, and how they want to end the Third Front to get more vote share. "I think the Congress is being honest when it says that it will not try to topple the government," he said, explaining what he thinks is the strategy of the Congress party.

At this point, Congress leader Jairam Ramesh intervenes and asks Modi if he'd like to join the Congress. "Mr Modi, if you'd like to leave the BJP, then there's a vacancy for you in the Congress," he said.

Modi, who is now the Prime Minister of the country, laughs at the proposal.

"You'll face lots of problems, I am from Sangh parivar. The way you are dividing, perhaps you will be asked questions on this proposal," he said.

Watch the video here.

Years later, Ramesh is a known detractor of Modi.

Recently, he told his party workers to "directly" take on Prime Minister Modi as he remained a challenge.

"He remains a challenge. We have to take him on directly. In the GSPC scam the issue is Modi and it is a Rs 20,000 crore ghapla(scam)," he said.

He also attacked Modi by saying nothing moves within the government without the blessings and approval of the prime minister. "To think that Modi is different is not correct. All happenings in HRD, rewriting of textbooks, erosion of autonomy of IITs. These are all Modi's blessings," he said.

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