11/01/2017 7:51 PM IST | Updated 11/01/2017 10:48 PM IST

Indians Are Outraged Even On Behalf Of Other Nations That Amazon Is Selling Doormats With National Flags

'Boycott Amazon.'

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Different cultures and nations seem to have varying attitudes towards flags and other national symbols. Indians are sensitive about these matters, but now the sensitivity is transcending national boundaries. Indians online are attacking Amazon for selling doormats with other nations' flags as well.

Amazon Canada faced the wrath of Indians when it posted a bunch of doormats, with the country's national flag printed on them.

"You cannot insult a national flag of India by making a door mat of it. Delete this listing my immediately", "Dont Try to Provoke Indian Feelings By Doing and posting such Type of Stuff On ur website", "how dare u make a matt of our national flag , have some shame and remove immediately" were some of the comments left on the website.

A petition was started, asking Amazon to remove the product from the site. The petition has already garnered support from 2,900 people. The "petition aims to start a campaign to force to apologize and remove such products from their catalog."

While Amazon has many of these products with different national flags printed on them, it didn't cause outrage in any country. At least, there are no comments to suggest that.

However, Indians are outraged even on their behalf.

On Amazon India, where a door mat with the US flag on it is being sold, a comment reads, "Please do not buy this as this is a disrespect of a country. Please boycott Amazon!"

"Are you people spreading hatred?", "Do not disrespect any country like this" read the other comments.

A lot of Indians, in fact, commented, asking people to 'boycott Amazon'.

These are some of the products Amazon is selling:

Amazon Canada has not responded to the comments. In fact, the product, sold by Mayers Flag Doormats, is still listed on the site.

Now, the Indian external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj has threatened to never issue Indian visas to Amazon officials again--unless they remove all products that "insult" the Indian national flag.

Your turn, Amazon?

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