11/01/2017 11:52 AM IST | Updated 11/01/2017 5:43 PM IST

14 Thoughts That Cross Every Woman's Mind While Shopping For Fancy Lingerie That Cost A Bomb

'Chan se jo tute koi sapna...'


You exactly know what we are talking about. Those wispy little things, which look like they would fall apart even if you breathed near them, how exactly is one supposed to wear them? And breathe. And move?

But the heart wants what the heart wants. So, at least once in your life, you have marched into a swanky lingerie shop intending to buy something that shows promise of shouldering the grave responsibilities of a bra. Only, they look like they will tear if you sneezed. Or talked loudly. Or laughed. Or even sighed.

However, if you are among the wide-eyed few who has not yet put herself through this lingerie ceremony, here's a handy list of what to expect. So that you are prepared.

1. First, you spot 'the one'. And you go all, "Bachna ae Gigi Hadid, lo main aa gayee."

2. Then you take a moment to consider which organ you can barter for this exquisite breast-holder.

3. "Okay, if I can figure how to get into this, I will also probably be able to figure out the Bermuda Triangle."

4. "What's with all these strings? God, someone needs to feed them. They will collapse any moment."

5. "Maybe I should ask that friendly-looking salesgirl to help me try it on."

6. "Oops, no. My 5-year-old, 5000-times-washed bra is a secret that should die with me."

7. "I must put it on myself. There must be a designer bra wearing tutorial on YouTube..."

8. "It's done! OMG, I'm awesome. Madhur Bhandarkar should totally make a film on me and call it Underwear."

9. "Phew, that was rough. CBSE math was easier than this yaaaaar"

10. "Um...Is this all it is going to cover?" *Hums 'soona, soona bum mann ka angaan'*

11. "WAIT! How do I get out of this now?"

12. "Oh no no no no ...don't tear, don't tear! I will go off Tinder for a week and eat vegetarian half a day, PLEASEDON'TTEAR."

13. "Why doesn't my salary include a lingerie allowance? How will I buy this?"

14. "Rehn de... tujhse na ho payega. Badi ayee India's Top Model."