10/01/2017 7:56 PM IST | Updated 10/01/2017 9:54 PM IST

In Facebook Post, BSF Jawan's Wife Claims Husband Missing Since His Video Went Viral

Where is he?

A post on Tej Bahadur's Facebook wall, claiming to be written by his wife, was published on Tuesday evening.

UPDATE: The Facebook post has been removed as of 9pm on Tuesday. A second post, also claiming to be from the jawan's wife, has been published in place of it.

The BSF jawan who alleged that Indian soldiers live in deplorable conditions, has gone missing, according to his wife. In a Facebook post, apparently published by the wife of the jawan Tej Bahadur Yadav on his personal page, she has claimed that Yadav has been missing since Monday evening.

"I haven't spoken to my husband since yesterday evening," she wrote Hindi, "and we have no idea where or how he is doing."

Within a half hour of this posting, over 850 people had shared it and another 2,400 people had reacted to it. However, it disappeared off Facebook two hours after it was initially posted. Instead, a second post appeared in its place, which said: "Some people's are trying to say that it's a fake id so I want to say that I am wife of mr tej bahadur yadav who is using this id".

Yadav's video describing the hardships Indian soldiers have to go through recently went viral, prompting home minister Rajnath Singh to initiate a probe into the matter. "I request honourable Prime Minister also to look into the matter. Friends, I may not live once I upload this video, as my officials have high approach. Kindly share the video as much as possible so that every media organisation come here and investigate and also witness how soldiers are living," he says in the video.

He later told India Today that he was transferred to the headquarters and assigned a plumber's job, and his commandant had asked him to take the video down. Meanwhile the BSF has denied all charges, and claimed that Yadav was an alcoholic, a "habitual offender" and that he was court-martialed in 2010.

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