10/01/2017 3:33 PM IST | Updated 10/01/2017 4:34 PM IST

Best Bluetooth Speakers To Buy Under ₹2,500

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With the growing ease of Internet access and developments that have made music streaming simple, there are now many ways of discovering and listening to music. It is common for people to carry music on their mobile phones or laptop devices. And when they are with friends, they want to share what they are listening to.

Bluetooth speakers make it possible to share music without having to physically plug a device into other devices. The speakers have gotten better over time and they provide decent if not a great sound. They make for good gift items too. Here are some budget speaker options:

Logitech X100

Logitech speakers can be found in many Indian homes. The X100 is a quirky puck-shaped device that can easily be slipped into a big pocket. It delivers a rich and clear bass, something you don't find often in a budget-range speaker. The 3W singular speaker lasts for 5-6 hours of listening. This unit costs around ₹1,500.


LeEco Speaker

The Chinese company, LeEco, has made its name in India with a great budget range of smartphones. Last year, it opened its LeMall website in India to sell accessories as well. Such as this quirky looking capsule-shaped Bluetooth speaker. It delivers great 360 sound with dual 5W speakers.


While the speaker's loudness is great, thanks to two active and two passive units for sound production, the bass is not that rich. The speaker is fine for casual listening but if you are into metal or bass heavy music, this might not be your first choice. The 1200 mAh battery ensures that the speaker will last 7-8 hours. Not having any kind of physical controls on the speakers is a downer, though. LeEco speaker is available on multiple websites for ₹1,999.


This might not ace the sound department but clearly, it wins on style. LG's portable speaker is laden with funky LED lights that can be synced to the music. The speaker also has a built-in mic and phone controls to take care of your calls.


This compact device will cost around ₹1,900, depending on the website. For a small speaker, it has decent sound. The battery will last for around 5 hours. LG supplies a USB charging cable and an Aux cable as well, so you can easily keep the PH1 as a speaker connected to your laptop. This one can be an attraction for the house parties.

Xiaomi Mi Speaker

We have seen a lot of speakers in different sizes but Xiaomi has gone minimalistic by opting for what appears to be a soundbar. Priced at ₹2,499, this speaker probably offers the best value for money as it delivers a fantastic sound with two 3W speakers placed at either end.


With a metallic finish on the top, the feel of the speaker is great. There are Play, Pause and Volume buttons on the side. You can get the speaker in two colours, blue and gold. With a 1,500 mAh battery, expect the Mi speaker to last for 8 hours. A carry bag and a charging cable come with the unit. Mi speaker takes almost 2.5 hours to get fully charged.


One of the most compact speakers comes from one of the best sound engineering companies. The device measures a compact 8.3 x 6.8 x 3.1 cubic cm, which means that it can easily fit inside your pocket. It weighs just 132 gms, down from the earlier model's 222 gms. This small device delivers great sound for its size and is perfect for a small to medium-sized room.


Design-wise, it is just a box with a couple of controls on the side panel. The 3W output comes with a 600 mAh battery, a trade-off for the small design. The expected playback time is close to 5 hours. JBL Go is priced at around ₹2,000.

If you are using a different speaker or have specific needs for a speaker, do let us know.