5 Things Every Idiot Who Says 'Women Invite Rape' Needs To Know

The not-to-do list.

In a sane world, harassment wouldn't be explained. It would be condemned, no questions asked. But since we aren't destined to such luxuries in this lifetime, we must pull our hair out at ridiculous arguments made to make harassment and molestation seem like an action-reaction phenomenon.

After the incident of 'mass molestation' took the country by a storm a section of Indians didn't even wait for us to recover from the shock of the incident. Instead, they went on a rant explaining why the women, pretty much brought it upon themselves. If you want to tell the world that you have a functioning brain, please refrain from mentioning the following 'popular' arguments.

1. The ones who frequently argue that partying is not 'Indian culture'

And if you are out doing the unmentionable -- partying -- you must face the consequences. Now let's consider the several activities, in the midst of which women get molested in India. Walking on the road, sitting in a bus, standing inside a train compartment, getting off a metro, shopping for vegetables in the local market, jostling for space inside a place of worship, going to a mela and oh,occasionallyinside your own homes when you are young and scared. Unless of course all these activities are against our sanskaar, that partying argument is as real as a dodo.

2. The ones who say women are 'asking for it' by wearing short clothes

Again let's see what women, who have been subjected to harassment, molestation, sexual violence had been wearing during the time of the assault. Sarees, salwar kameezes, dresses, jeans and tees, kurta-pyjamas and, hold your breath, even diapers. Yep, don't pretend that babies are spared in this country. So, what's your argument again?

3. The ones who argue women must not step out without the company of a man

What else? The said man should preferably be carrying a hatchet or a gun or in the absence of these, a lathi in the least? Because what even is the point of living in a democracy if brave men don't protect poor women from fellow men, only less brave and more horrid? And when even that doesn't work -- remember Nirbhaya was accompanied by a man when she got on to that bus -- do ask why we dared to leave our homes without an Army battalion or the Avengers getting our back?

4. People who compare women's safety with wet floors and suchlike

A couple of days ago an opinion piece on a news site about the mass molestation had this quote: "You may slip on the road if it is wet! Will you then blame the road because it is wet?" Then there is Abu Azmi, who said, "And if there is sugar, ants will come automatically to it."

So here's the thing: women are humans. Say it again with us: women are humans. Not streets, floors, ants, cups, saucers, brooms, auto rickshaws, sugar, Maharaja Mac or anything that is NOT a human. The rules of the furniture world and ant world and food world don't apply to human world. If you are doing it, you need to stop smoking whatever you are on now.

5. The ones who say 'boys will be boys' and expect girls to live by it

So, boys, by the sheer burden of being human beings, are supposed to behave like ones too. So explain to me, how is sexual predation supposed to be considered legitimate human behaviour? And oh, since 'boys' have brains, they must also use them to understand that women are fellow humans and must not be treated in any way they themselves can't bear to be treated.