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Bengaluru Man Allegedly Faked Molestation Of His Sister-In-Law To Prevent Her Marriage

This was one of the several complaints filed since the mass molestation on New Year's Eve.

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In this photograph taken on January 1, 2017, an Indian man helps a woman (C) leave as police personnel try to manage crowds during New Year's Eve celebrations in Bangalore on January 1, 2017.

One of the several complaints filed in the wake of the New Year's Eve mass molestation in Bengaluru is fake, police claim.

According to reports, 34-year-old Irshad Khan a resident of Govindapura in the city, plotted the incident in complicity with his sister-in-law with whom he was having allegedly having an affair. Khan is married and a father of a three-year-old but was in love with the woman, who lived with him family.

The two had reportedly planned the "attack" in which a man is seen stalking the woman, then assaulting her, on a CCTV device. However, a few minutes later the two are seen talking amiably. On studying the footage, the police discovered uncanny similarities between the accused's way of walking and Irshad's. It was also discovered that Irshad and his sister-in-law had spoken on phone before she was "molested". The two had spoken over 400 times on the phone in just a few days.

On learning about Khan's relationship with his sister-in-law, the latter's parents were trying to marry her off. Khan had offered to marry her too, but the woman's brother was opposed to the match. As a result, Khan wanted to foil the plans by staging a molestation incident, after which, he believed, no one would come forward to marry her, leaving him as the only person who could possibly take her as a second wife.

On New Year's Eve 2016, Bengaluru turned into a city of horrors as hundreds of women were accosted, abused and molested by mobs of drunken men on foot or on motorcycles. The police initially refused to admit that a mass molestation had taken place, but later registered complaints from several women.

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