10 Excuses We Are Guilty Of Making When It Comes To Health Resolutions

"One piece won't hurt!"

No matter how hard we try, health and fitness-related resolutions are nearly impossible to keep. Most people are high on motivation at the beginning of the new year, but somewhere around the second week of January, our convictions turn wobbly—rather like the fat rolls on our bellies. The 'YES I CAN', fades to 'DO I REALLY NEED TO?', the TODAY changes to TOMORROW, and the NOW to LATER. Here are some excuses that we're all are too familiar with:

1. "I can't go for a walk right now. I have to drop my kids to school."

2. "I can't go to the gym today. My body hurts from yesterday's workout."

3."I will start exercising on my 40th birthday, which is 2 years away."

4. "I didn't sleep well last night, how can I go to the gym?."

5. "I cleaned the whole house today. That counts as solid exercise."

6. "I am fasting today, so I can't go to the gym!

7. "It's too cold for a jog. I don't want to fall sick."

8. "I just took a shower. I don't want to be sweaty all over again."

9. "I cut myself this morning, and it hurts."

10. "Oh no! My alarm didn't ring!"

Does the weather, your busy schedule, or the alarm clock become frequent excuses when it comes to your health? Then it's time to get rid of all these excuses and give your health the importance it deserves. Watch the story of two long-time friends Amit & Rohan and their quest to a healthier, happier and longer life. #NoMoreExcuses