05/01/2017 5:33 PM IST | Updated 05/01/2017 7:12 PM IST

Mallika Dua's Makeup Didi Perfectly Puts 'Women Who Are Asking For It' In Their Place

You tell them!

Mallika Dua/ Facebook

In yet another horrifying case of harassment, a mob of men went on a molestation spree in Bengaluru on new year's eve. From expressing anger and disgust, to coming out in support of men in general -- because #NotAllMen, you know! -- social media has seen plenty of discussion on the sad and ugly incident.

Politicians offered unsolicited advice to women and Bollywood stars expressed sorrow and shame. Amid all this furore, Mallika Dua's Makeup Didi has come up with an unorthodox solution.

"Gents ko samajhna chahiye na ki hum dishes kaise banayenge unke liye phir?" (Gents should understand, otherwise how will we make dishes for them?) Because "Hum jaise dress up karten hain na, humari hi fault hoti hain." (The way we dress, it is our fault only.) In her trademark sarcastic style, Mallika Dua tells everyone what must be done in this case.

Her post reads:

We are always asking for it. Asking for it in Bangalore, asking for it in Delhi, in Shakti mills in super safe Mumbai. We are asking for it in bikinis and burqas alike. We are asking for it after marriage, before marriage, in buses, at concerts, clubs. I once asked for it at Dargarh Ajmer Sharif, true fucking story. I even asked for it once when I was 7 years old in the back of my own car. But now, with a help of makeupdidi, I have found a solution to all of this. Hopefully I'm not asking for it anymore. Aap bhi try kijiye ye looks zaroor. Gustakhi Maaf, Abu Azmi chacha. F**k you.