05/01/2017 1:07 PM IST | Updated 05/01/2017 1:41 PM IST

Akshay Kumar's Scathing Response To The Bengaluru Molestation Sums Up The Anger We're All Feeling

"The most shameful part is that some people have the guts to justify the molestation."

Akshay Kumar/Twitter

Akshay Kumar, who was vacationing in Cape Town for the New Years, returned home to the horrific news of the mass molestation of women that took place in Bengaluru on New Year's Eve.

While politicians like Abu Asim Azmi quickly resorted to the 'blame-the-victim' attitude and didn't blink an eye before saying things like "Where there is sugar, ants will follow", a number of Bollywood celebrities stood up to the misogyny and called out the incident for what it was — a telling sign of everything that is wrong with the men in our society.

From Farhan Akhtar to Varun Dhawan, Taapsee Pannu to Swara Bhaskar, most actors, like a lot of us, were outraged by the incident, particularly because no arrests were made.

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In a video posted on his Twitter feed, Akshay Kumar is seen literally seething with rage as he calls out both the perpetrators and politicians for their barbaric attitudes. He is also seen as sending a strong message to women on how they can learn basic martial arts to be fully prepared if such an incident were to happen again.

"A society that cannot ensure the safety of its women has no right to call itself a humanistic society," he says.

What is truly empowering in Kumar's video is that he isn't asking women to curb their freedom or dress differently (like some politicians) — rather, he is asking them to be more alert and warning those who molest to be extremely cautious because they're going to have a real hard time if they mess with a woman again.

Watch the entire video here.

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