03/01/2017 4:09 PM IST | Updated 03/01/2017 4:38 PM IST

These Stick Figures Have The Perfect Response To The Imbecilic #NotAllMen Hashtag

Can we please not?

Sanitary Panels/ Facebook

On New Year's eve, hundreds of women on the streets of Bengaluru were molested by inebriated men who were out on a molestation spree on foot and on bikes. The women who were being accosted, teased, molested, and harassed rushed to police personnel for safety. This horrifying incident took place in central parts of the city such as Brigade Road and MG Road.

After the incident, Karnataka Home Minister G. Parameshwara chose to make it clear that "things like this do happen" on New Year's eve and Christmas. Surely, hundreds of women becoming victims of mass molestation in India's so called Silicon Valley was no big deal, right?

On top of that, some men took to social media to clarify that #NotAllMen are to be blamed for the actions of "a few".

How enlightening! Congratulations must be in order for those men who do not molest and rape women, then?

Women were having none of this lame hashtag game that was diverting attention from the real issue -- their safety.

Amid the well-deserved berating that the hashtag #NotAllMen and its supporters are receiving, there is a comic strip by the feminist comics page, Sanitary Panels, that perfectly sums up the self-congratulatory mindset of everyone who says #NotAllMen.

Are we done now? Can we please stop this #NotAllMen nonsense that #YesAllWomen have endured?