02/01/2017 2:05 PM IST | Updated 02/01/2017 2:06 PM IST

How An Entire Village In Gujarat Came Together To Stop A Couple From Conceiving Their 18th Child

They wanted another son.

Ajay Verma / Reuters
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In their pursuit of a second son, a Gujarati couple had 17 children--16 of them daughters--until their neighbours convinced them to stop.

Ram Sinh, 44, and his 40-year-old wife Kanu Sangot had several daughters together. But Sinh reportedly wanted a son, at first to take care of him when was older, and then later to take care of his daughters, he told The Times of India.

In 2013, they had a son. But Sinh wanted another one. So the couple kept trying until other villagers in Dahod district intervened. "The villagers persuaded us to put a full stop to our family expansion," Sinh told TOI.

Apparently, the villagers convinced them that it would be difficult to raise so many children. The couple own a small plot of land and also work as farm labourers to supplement their income, reported TOI.

Sangot finally underwent a tubectomy last month.

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