02/01/2017 9:15 AM IST | Updated 02/01/2017 9:34 AM IST

BJP Gives Up On Plan Of Laddoo Distribution After Storm Of Ridicule

They said the time was not right.


Remember how the BJP was distributing sweets at ATMs and had planned to give one laddoo to every household as a 'thank you' for tolerating the troubles of demonetisation? Well, not any more.

The party has decided to do away with the plan of distributing laddoos after drawing criticism.

The Indian Express quoted Delhi BJP chief Manoj Tiwari, who was the brain behind this idea, as saying, "Now no laddoo and no thank you note. Now only our cadres will go to each house to thank and discuss the demonetisation move."

The move was criticised by other parties and the public alike. The BJP was ridiculed on social media as well.

AAP MLA Bandana Kumari Kumar had said, "Manoj Tiwari should know that the decision of demonetisation has hit the Purvanchalis bad. They have lost their jobs and over four lakh of them have fled Delhi. In this scenario, the BJP is distributing laddoos."

The laddoos had first started distributing the laddoos at ATM queues, but had planned to do a door-to-door distribution 1 January to 10 January.

"If people can stand in queues and not complain, can't we give them a laddoo as a token of our appreciation," Tiwari had said.

The Indian Express quoted a senior party leader as saying, "The Opposition will incite its supporters and the genuine gesture to thank people will turn into a controversial one. The intention was good, but the time was not right."

The report says that Tiwari will now spend night with families in Jhuggi Jhopri clusters to "understand their problems".