30/12/2016 10:47 AM IST | Updated 30/12/2016 11:31 AM IST

In A Tech-Age, A Muslim Man Can Divorce Via Letter, Message, Email And Phone, Says Deoband Fatwa

The Allahabad High Court has called triple talaq "unconstitutional."

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Three weeks after the Allahabad High Court called it "unconstitutional," Islamic seminaries in Deoband have endorsed the practice of triple talaq, which allows a Muslim man to divorce his wife by uttering the word talaq three times in quick succession.

In a fatwa, the Deoband seminaries have said that triple talaq can be delivered over the phone, The Hindureported. Maulana Arshad Farooqui of the Fatwa Department has also said that a Muslim man can divorce his wife through a letter, message or an email.

The only conditions are that the man must be "in all his senses" when uttering talaq, and the message or email should be verified. Shockingly, Farooqui believes that a Muslim man must have all these means at his disposal in an age of technology.

While fatwas are opinions, people rely heavily on these non-binding decrees to sort out their family matters.

The Modi government, which is seeking a ban against triple talaq and polygamy, has told the Supreme Court that both these practices violate the dignity and the rights of women as equal citizens of the country.

The All India Muslim Personal Law Board has opposed the Centre, and endorsed triple talaq as well as Sharia laws that govern marriage and divorce.

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