30/12/2016 9:54 AM IST | Updated 30/12/2016 1:20 PM IST

Though Overall Crime Rate Has Gone Down In Delhi, One Woman Is Raped Every 4 Hours In This City

Let's not celebrate yet.

Shailesh Andrade / Reuters
While there has been a reduction in crimes against women, the number is still high.

The Delhi Police data for this year suggests that the capital is now safer than at any time in the past decade. All crimes have marginally reduced from the previous year. Though this may seem like a good news, but there's a long way to go before we celebrate.

According to the latest data, 'grave crimes' such as rape, murder, kidnapping, riot and dacoity witnessed a dip of 27.16 per cent in 2016 compared to the previous year. Robbery cases registered a sharp decline of 35.45 per cent. Till November this year, there was a 36.88 per cent plunge in riots, an 18.09 per cent drop in attempt to murder cases, and a 1.78 per cent fall in rape cases reported at police stations across the city.

Crime rate had gone up every year since 2005, particularly for heinous offences. For instance, after the 2012 Delhi gangrape case, the number of serious crimes nearly doubled from 2,402 that year to 4,159 in 2013.

However, while there has been a reduction in crimes against women, the number is still high.

Crimes against women have been on the rise since 2012 and this, despite all the women safety measures in place. There were 706 rape cases reported in 2012, it went up to 1636 in 2013. The next year 2166 cases were registered and last year, the number stood at 2199. This year, for the first time the crime numbers against women have dropped to 2029. But it is no indication of safety yet.

The data shows Delhi reported a rape every four hours in 2016.

The cases of molestation has reduced to 4,005 from 5,328. Of the 2029 rape cases registered this year, police managed to solve only 1,744 cases.

While most crime cases against women reduced from last year, 'Cruelty by husband and in-laws' under section 498-A/406 IPC has increased compared to last year. 3436 cases of cruelty by husband and in-laws cases were registered till November this year, compared to 3168 cases last year at the same period of time.

One crime that the police failed to keep bring down this year is the theft of vehicles. As many as 5,250 more vehicles were stolen this year than the last year, taking total such cases to 36,137.

Prashant Vihar in outer Delhi topped the list in areas where most vehicles (920) were stolen, followed by Bhajanpura (630), reports Hindustan Times. Prashant Vihar also registered the highest snatching cases.

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