27/12/2016 1:47 PM IST | Updated 29/12/2016 4:14 PM IST

7 Reasons Why We Love Ranveer Singh

He's such a Befikre!

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If there's one actor who is redefining Bollywood stardom in the most epic manner, it is Ranveer Singh! Relatable, funny, and downright daring, Ranveer Singh is setting the bar high when it comes to how male actors should be off-screen. He's fearless, doesn't take criticism too seriously, is talented and has a wicked sense of humour. Moreover, he's always happy, excited, and oh-so-frank. He's comfortable in his own skin and doesn't shy away from expressing himself (remember how he showered Arjun Kapoor with passionate kisses on national television? Only Ranveer can do that!). There are many reasons why we love Ranveer Singh, but here are the top 7 ones.

1. He knows how to make fun of himself. Ranveer doesn't take himself too seriously, and thus, doesn't mind being the butt of all jokes. Think about it, he literally laughed his guts out on AIB's infamous roast in 2015, where he was featured along with Arjun Kapoor.


2. He wears his attitude comfortably – Ranveer doesn't care what people think; he is only concerned about being comfortable in his own skin all the time. And his self confidence translates into eye-popping sex appeal on screen.


3. His clothes may not necessarily be the toast of Paris, and those with sensitive eyes and weak hearts may want to avoid seeing his tabloid photographs first thing in the morning. But you cannot deny that Ranveer's clothes are NEVER boring. Whether it's an oversized coat, a skirt, a cartoon printed-shirt, or a night-suit on the red carpet, anything and everything looks good on him!

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4. Ranveer Singh has no qualms about being friendly with his current girlfriend's ex. Recently, Ranveer and Ranbir Kapoor appeared together on Koffee with Karan. Ranveer's respect for Ranbir was evident - he called Ranbir a great actor. While both of them were friendly towards each other on the show, Ranveer seemed a little more comfortable than Ranbir.


5. He isn't just an 'actor' – he's the quintessential Hindi film hero. In most other film industries, Ranveer could have been dismissed as too crazy or flashy. But he fits right into the Bollywood masala mould, with its songs, dances, drama and general over-the-topness.


6. On screen or off it, he's a total sport. At an award function, Ranveer Singh went head-to-head against Baba Ramdev, dropping down to do push-ups in his formal suit. Even though he was no match for Ramdev's energy and stamina, Ranveer tried to follow him to the best of his abilities. On realising that the latter's Surya Namaskar was more than he bargained for, Ranveer instantly fell at Ramdev's feet, to much amusement and laughter from the audience.

7. In an industry filled with star camps and celebrity feuds, Ranveer seems to be getting along fine with the entire industry and even freely promotes other actors and their movies.


Because of his crazy antics and fearless nature, Ranveer Singh literally embodies the Toofani attitude. And that's why Thums Up recently made him its brand ambassador.

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