27/12/2016 8:34 AM IST | Updated 27/12/2016 10:30 AM IST

Woman Writes To PMO After Finding ₹100 Crore In Her Jan-Dhan Account

Bank officials did not attend to her complaint and kept asking her to come some other time.

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GHAZIABAD -- Shocked to find nearly ₹100 crore in her Jan-Dhan account in a Meerut branch of a state-run bank, a woman in Ghaziabad on Monday sought the PMO's intervention after the bank officials did not attend to her complaint and kept asking her to come some other time.

In the complaint to the PMO, sent by her husband Ziledar Singh, Sheetal Yadav said she maintained a Jan-Dhan account in Sharda road branch of the State Bank of India (SBI). On 18 December, she went to withdraw money from the ATM of ICICI bank near their house and was shocked to see that her account stood at ₹99,99,99,394.

Unable to believe it, she said she asked the person standing next to her in the queue to check it and he confirmed the same amount. She went to another ATM of YES bank nearby and found the same balance.

She continued to visit her bank for two days but the staff did not attend to her complaint and asked her to come after a day when the branch manager would assist her to rectify the matter. When she again went to the bank, she was sent back under another pretext.

Singh, who works in a transformer manufacturing company, said that his wife, working in the packaging department of a factory, draws a salary of ₹5,000 per month while he also works on a meagre salary. They were shocked when this huge amount came into her account.

Frustrated over the local bank staff's attitude, Singh said he asked an educated person to help them to send a mail to the PMO.

"We have posted a mail on 26 December to the PMO to help us in solving our problem from where about ₹crore came into the account where the maximum limit of deposit is restricted to ₹50,000 only," he said, showing the ATM slips and bank passbook to the media.

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