25/12/2016 3:17 PM IST | Updated 25/12/2016 3:37 PM IST

Suspected IS Sympathiser Had Planned An Attack On Mother House In Kolkata, Says NIA

This was to avenge the bombing in conflict ridden Syria and Libya

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The National Investigation Agency (NIA) on Sunday said that suspected Islamic State sympathiser Mohammed Musa, was planning an attack on the Mother House in Kolkata to avenge the bombing in conflict ridden Syria and Libya.

According to a report inThe Hindustan Times, Musa used to discuss his plans to attack the location in Kolkata through an app called Telegram. He would discuss his plans with IS operative and alleged mastermind of the Dhaka attack Abu Sulaiman, Indian Mujahideen suspect Safi Omar, and other suspected Islamic State and Jamaat-e-Mujahideen sympathisers.

According to reports, Musa wanted to attack the Mother House since the place witnesses visitors from the United States, Russia and UK and is, therefore, a soft target.

The Hindustan Times quoted an NIA document as saying, ""A-1 discusses with the member on the other side about the locations of Mother Teresa House in Kolkata that is at Ripon Street, Sealdah Railway Station, Park Circus and tells that the foreigners viz. Russians, Britishers and Americans often visit that place and they can be attacked since they had bombarded the ISIS in Syria and Libya. He tells that the ISIS is accruing loss and advises the member to remain in disguise as a non-Muslim."

Musa, who was arrested in July 2016 by the state's Criminal Investigation Department (CID) for having links with the terror outfit, was later handed over to the NIA.

(With ANI inputs)