22/12/2016 4:45 PM IST | Updated 22/12/2016 5:19 PM IST

Karnataka CM Confuses Sichuan With Siachen In Twitter Goof-Up

But then again, what's in a name?


Karnataka Chief Minister, Siddaramaiah, ran into a spot of trouble on Twitter on Thursday after he mixed the names of two places.

The chief minister wanted to tell his Twitter followers what he had been up to, that is meeting a Chinese delegation led by a Mr. Lee Zong from the Sichuan province in China to discuss Bangalore's infrastructural development.

Unfortunately, he muddled up Sichuan with Siachen.

Most of us are very familiar with the Sichuan province, thanks to all the love for Chinese cuisine that we harbour. Perhaps, the word Szechwan, the romanised version of Sichuan, is a better reminder to what the province is known for - its hot, red chilies and its fiery, brilliant cuisine.

Siachen, on the other hand, is a Himalayan glacier in the Karakoram range, on the Indian side of the Line of Control between India and Pakistan. Islamabad claims parts of the inhospitable glacier are Pakistan's. Therefore both countries continue to deploy thousands of troops in the region. Perhaps the sensitivity of Siachen in geopolitics made the error more grave.

Once the name mix-up was realised, the tweet was taken down but the damage had been done and Twitter is known to be rather unforgiving when it comes to faux pas.

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Karnataka CM Confuses Sichuan With Siachen In Twitter Goof-Up