21/12/2016 6:29 PM IST | Updated 22/12/2016 9:34 AM IST

Support For Demonetisation Has Fallen To Its Lowest Level Yet: HuffPost-BW-CVoter Poll

The majority still support the note ban but the numbers keep shrinking.

Hindustan Times via Getty Images
The majority of the country still continues to support demonetisation.

Support for demonetisation, while still high, continues to fall, new data from a CVoter-Huffpost-BW opinion poll indicates. The share of those who called it an "unmanageable disaster" was at its highest after rising every week for the last four weeks and was particularly high in rural areas, among the middle class and among the elderly.

The poll was conducted for Huffington Post and Business World by CVoter on December 19-20, as part of its regular tracking poll covering 1235 randomly selected respondents in 419 Parliamentary constituencies across 26 States in 11 languages. The data was weighted to the known population profile, and the margin of error was +/- 3% at the national level and +/- 5% at the regional level. The previous rounds were conducted on December 8, November 28-29 and November 21.

The majority of the country still continues to support demonetisation, but sentiment is shifting, weeks of data have shown. The share of those who rated the implementation of demonetisation as "poor" or "worst" rose to its highest level of the last four weeks.

The share of those who said they would support demonetisation even if problems had not subsided within the 50 days that Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked the country for fell and now stands at 50%, while the share of those who said they would protest and vote against the BJP rose.

The share of those who felt that the pain of demonetisation was worth the gain for the country, however remained high at 85.5% and fell only very slightly between last week and this week, indicating that the Prime Minister's political messaging continues to work. The PM's personal popularity also stood strong with a majority (58%) saying that they did not believe Congress leader Rahul Gandhi's allegations about Modi's personal corruption.

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