These Are The Top 10 Indian Stand-Up Comedy Acts Of 2016 And You Must Not Miss Them At Any Cost

Get, set, hold your stomach!

How have you spent a majority of your time this year? Come on, be honest. You have actually let a year pass you by as you snooped on celeb Instagram profiles and then took breaks to watch funny videos. Yes, yes, the dogs who need to get their act together, babies tasting lemon and bacon and the best of them all: recordings of stand-up acts by some of the country's best comedians.

If you haven't missed the best acts of the year, I want to high-five you in person. But if you have, here's a list of the year's best stand-up acts available on YouTube. You can thank us later for making your week bright and happy.

1. Zakir Khan's hilarious description of middle-class pride and what happens when you fail in an examination

2. Aditi Mittal describes the painfully awkward situations women find themselves in during bra shopping

3. Rahul Subramanian's tragically hilarious account of the double-whammy known as heartbreak and MBA

4. Amit Tandon aptly describes the life of an Indian middle-class person and his struggles

5. Varun Thakur explains the special bond that Indian mothers have with their children and doodhi

6. Abish Mathew enlightens us about how Indian trains are million years behind Indian airplanes in toilet technology

7. Daniel Fernandes goes to dangerous territory with his explanation on why he hates Fawad Khan

8. Rohan Desai gets a full score for his 'nervous and awkward comedian' act

9. Karunesh Talwar talks about "old people and their bizarre ideas" in this hilarious act

10. Naveen Richard talks about our emergency services (not 911) and his battle with the Hindi language