21/12/2016 9:31 AM IST | Updated 21/12/2016 10:04 AM IST

'I Trusted The PM': Yogendra Yadav's Explanation For Delay In Depositing Old Notes Finds Resonance On Twitter

The letter written in Yadav's own hand has gone viral.


Political activist and former Aam Admi Party leader, Yogendra Yadav, wrote a letter to his bank explaining why he waited so long to deposit his old currency notes and his response has gone viral, not just because of the content but also his beautiful penmanship.

This comes after the Reserve Bank of India and Finance Ministry's recent circular which said that people can deposit amount above Rs 5,000 only once and even that should come along with an explanation stating the reason as to why the account holder took so long to deposit the money.

In his letter, Yadav wrote: "I have made no cash deposit in my account since 8 november 2016. I see no reason to offer any special explanation for the same [for making the deposit now]. I normally like and wait for the queues to end. I was assured by the Prime Minister,the Finance Minister and the RBI that there was no need to rush to the banks and that I had till 30 December for making any deposit. I believed them."

The letter which was posted both on Facebook and Twitter received overwhelming response with many going on to say how the tweet brings out the government's ill-preparedness.

Interestingly, one user noticed another thing in the letter.

Initially, Yadav had praised the demonetisation move, calling it a good gesture that shows the government's seriousness to deal with blackmoney but simultaneously he has been critical of its poor execution and the havoc it caused.

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