20/12/2016 2:41 PM IST | Updated 21/12/2016 10:37 AM IST

BookMyShow Refreshes Its App, Adds Wallet And Split Money Features

Cleaner and uncluttered.


BookMyShow, India's biggest online ticketing platform, has refreshed its Android app with a new design to make bookings simpler for its users. The app's latest version has features such as money splitting, wallet and more.

The app now looks cleaner and less cluttered than its earlier version. If you have selected a location (city) the app remembers it the next time as well. Many changes have been made ground up to make the app faster.

"We have changed the entire app. We started building it more than a year ago from scratch," Anish Tripathi, VP of Product Design at BookMyShow, told HuffPost India. "We wanted users to have a seamless experience. As users we also understand that it is frustrating to watch that loading circle again and again."


When you open the app now, the movies take up the full width of the screen instead of being represented in a tiled manner. The app suggests the current movies playing near you based on your previous bookings. You can go to the cinemas section which also lists your frequently visited places and the 'Coming Soon' tab provides information about upcoming movies.

The bottom pane on the screen has 'Home,' 'Search,' 'Just For You' and 'Profile' options. 'Just For You' is a personal recommendation engine for events and movies.

"We have tweaked a few things for booking," Tripathi says. "Now you don't need to select the section of the ticket. And we are loading the seat map when you are selecting the number of tickets so there is hardly any delay. You can just choose the seats and the price will be adjusted for you."


The new app also has a feature that enables you to split the cost of tickets. The catch is that you have to use the BookMyShow wallet. If you are a regular movie-goer, this wallet can be a good feature for easy checkouts and splitting the bill, but otherwise it is another wallet for you to manage. BookMyShow has also introduced a Food and Beverages option in the app to reserve snacks or meals while booking tickets.

The company aims to release the iOS version of the app soon.