18/12/2016 3:17 PM IST | Updated 18/12/2016 3:38 PM IST

Restaurants And Bars In Delhi and Mumbai Say No To Gay Couples: Report 



There appear to be restaurant and bars in Delhi and Mumbai that are really not into spreading the Christmas cheer. On the contrary, establishments in the country's national capital and its business hub are closing their doors to gay couples either by making them feel unwelcome or denying them entry, the Daily News And Analysis (DNA) reported today.

DNA spoke to two restaurants in Mumbai, two in Delhi and one in Gurgaon, which categorically said that they do not allow gay couples.

A staffer at Shiro, a high-end club in Mumbai, told DNA, "We have orders from the management to only allow 'husband and wife type (sic) couples'. We have to go by what we're told."

LGBTQ activist Harish Iyer, who was refused entry at the Bar Stock Exchange in Mumbai, told DNA, "Unlike popular perception, the law of the land is still not against homosexuality, just anal sex. So why should these joints act stuck up? It's not like I'm asking to drink/eat for free."

In a setback for human rights in India, the Supreme Court in 2013 ruled that gay sex is crime and only Parliament could annul the Indian Penal Code's regressive Section 377 on unnatural sex.

Read the whole story at DNA.

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