16/12/2016 3:29 PM IST | Updated 16/12/2016 4:12 PM IST

Super Mario Run For iOS Is Here And You Need To Pay A Pretty Penny To Unlock Levels

Unlocking nostalgia value.

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Super Mario has practically defined most people's childhood. And now, after years of waiting, Nintendo is bringing the popular game to mobile screens through iOS. As promised at a September Apple event, Super Mario Run was released for iPhone and iPad today. But is it good enough for Super Mario fans?

First of all, the game setup resembles the older version, retaining elements such as bricks, Goombas, and Koopas. The game's objective is still to save Peach from the castle. But you can't control Mario as you were able to in the video game. In order to make things simpler, Nintendo has introduced one-touch control in the game.


Mario keeps running to the right automatically, he jumps over small obstacles, and even vaults over enemies automatically. So, you are going to miss that nostalgic feeling of bumping into a Goomba and dying. You can do only one thing and that is to jump. One tap for a simple jump; tap and hold for a longer jump. There are a couple of other gestures, such a ducking and spinning mid-air to kill enemies. But the control is not precise. And you'll easily get through the stages without much fuss.

While you are thinking that after this easy warm up, the subsequent stages are going to get tougher, once you reach stage three of World 1, you are in for a bit of a surprise. You will have to pay to play the next stages of the game and, at 620 in India, the price is steep. It is a lot to ask for, even from high-spending iOS consumers, for an unproven game. While Super Mario's nostalgia value is beyond doubt, it remains to be seen if the game has the potential to justify the price tag.


There are other levels and modes, such as Toad Rally, which will pit you against other players. Winners will be decided based on the coins you collect and the toads you attract with your moves. On the home screen, you can build your kingdom with shops and other things as well. This will allow you to create new characters. So, besides the core story, there are interesting modes that players can spend time playing with. But the main experience's price tag will likely pose a challenge in attracting fans who have been waiting for this venerable classic to arrive on the mobile platform.

The game is only available on iOS as of now. Unfortunately for Nintendo, stocks have taken a 5 percent dip in the initial hours since the game's release.

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