10 Things All Men Should Know About Women's Orgasms

Spread the joy, guys.

Even if you take pride in being an unsung Adonis in bed, a little refresher course never hurt anybody. For the rest, read this like your life depends on acing this.

She's probably faking it if...

If she's seeing shooting stars from the get-go, it's probably not for real. On an average, women need about 20 minutes of foreplay to be aroused enough to come. You may be good, but it's unlikely you're that good.

If you have to ask, no she didn't.

If you've made a woman come, you'll know. We're so possessive of our orgasms that if a stray one ambles our way, we clutch it with such ferocity, one might need the Jaws of Life to pry it loose. An honest to goodness orgasm will make a woman's toes curl and leave her shuddering like a freight train. You will know.

Vibrators were invented before the iron

19 century Britain was so concerned about its unfulfilled women (over 75% of the female population) that the century saw several rudimentary inventions that resemble the modern-day vibrator. The world's first electro-mechanical vibrator was patented in the 1880s in London, a whole decade before everyday appliances such as the electric iron and vacuum cleaner!

There is no delicate way to say this--there are three holes

One to pee (urethra), one to shit (anus) and one for sex and delivering a baby (vagina). No, you don't HAVE to plug all three to satisfy her. Just ask, if you're confused.

Vaginas need to be used to stay in good shape.

Just like one must do those dreadful planks to keep the abs taut, vaginas need energetic, enthusiastic sex to look good. So now you know who needs to step up their game if ever her vagina isn't looking as firm as before. (Psst, it's you)

A clitoris is not a button.

It's not something you press so you can hear loud, sexy moans on a loop. It's actually almost as big as a flaccid penis—about 4 inches, it's just that almost two thirds of it is hidden from view. Plus it grows as we age. And it's only function to give a woman pleasure, with almost 8,000 nerve endings that are primed to explode if you know how to give head. Which means there's that much potential for giving her pleasure. Use it wisely, willya?

The clitoris grows!

It can become almost two and a half times its original size around the time of menopause. So let the noise of a screaming orgasm drown out all the nonsense you've heard about women losing interest or not wanting sex after menopause.

The clitoris is made of the same tissue as the penis.

All babies start out with the same genital tissue; it's only later, at about 12 weeks, that the chromosomes determine whether it will turn into a penis or clitoris. Now you understand why the clitoris is so important to a woman's sexual fulfillment?

Nipple orgasm is an actual thing!

Simply fondling the nipples can actually make women orgasm. It activates the same parts of the brain that are stimulated during genital foreplay. So don't just stare at them, work them into a frenzy.

Orgasms are like temporary aspirins.

The oxytocin—or the happy hormones—released during an orgasm can relieve all kinds of aches and pains. While the effect may last only for a few minutes, it's still something. Makes you consider the whole, "not tonight darling, I have a headache" in a wholly different light, no?

PS: Obviously, not all the things mentioned above are true for all women, uniformly.