15/12/2016 5:52 PM IST | Updated 15/12/2016 7:15 PM IST

You Take Double The Time To Travel In Delhi Than You Did Five Years Ago: Report

In 10 years, driving speeds in Delhi might be 5 kmph.

B Mathur / Reuters
File photo - Traffic moves along a busy road in New Delhi.

NEW DELHI -- Delhiites take double the amount of time to travel within the city than they did five years ago, new research shows, reported The Hindustan Times. Back in 2011, an average distance of 40 kilometres would take a little over an hour and a half, according to the report. In 2016, this takes more than three and a half hours.

The report, compiled by six Bhopal-based urban designers and road engineers from IIT Kharagpur and BITS Pilani, will be submitted to the Delhi government next year, reported HT. It reveals that average speeds have fallen from 42 kmph to 20 kmph during peak hours.

The exponential rate at which vehicles are added to Delhi roads each day continue to compound the problem, and more time spent by these vehicles on road due to bad traffic leads to worsening pollution levels in the city. If there are no immediate interventions, Delhi drivers may soon be forced to drive in an average speed of 5kmph, which is also the same speed at which humans walk, reported HT.

Read the full report here.

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