14/12/2016 1:07 PM IST | Updated 14/12/2016 2:08 PM IST

Read My Lips, The PM Is Personally Terrified Of The Info I Have, Says Rahul Gandhi

There is no salvaging the Winter Session of Parliament anymore.

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Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of corruption, and said he was not allowed to speak in Parliament.

In a scathing attack against the government and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi claimed that he had information about the "personal corruption" of the prime minister but he was not allowed to speak in the Parliament on the note ban issue.

"Read my lips... the PM is personally terrified of the info I have, we have. It is personal corruption of the PM that we have detailed information on," NDTV quoted the Congress vice president as saying.

Terming demonetisation as a "monumental disaster" he told the media in Jantar Mantar, "Poor people have been devastated due to PM Modi's demonetisation scheme."

Rahul also spoke to News18, where he said:

Rahul's tirade against the government comes at a time when it is safe to say that the Winter Session of Parliament was completely washed out. Repeated adjournments and slogan raising has ensured that the Parliament has not done any constructive legislative business. The Winter Session, which began on November 16, is scheduled to conclude on Friday.

Congress sources told PTI on Tuesday that the government has made no attempt to reach out to the Opposition to break the logjam.

And as this impasse continues, the government, including the prime minister himself, has maintained that it is the Opposition that has caused all the trouble.

On Thursday, parliamentary affairs minister Ananth Kumar said, "Regarding note bandi, we are always ready for a discussion.There is more jugaad in the congress party."

Parliament has seen little transaction of any substantial business because of the Opposition ruckus over demonetisation and some other issues.

Both the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha continued to be deadlocked over the way a debate should take place on demonetisation announced by the Prime Minister on November 8.

Ever since the session began, the Lok Sabha has managed to conduct only two legislative actions -- passage of Income Tax amendment bill and approval of Supplementary Demand for Grants -- that too amid din and without much debate.

The Rajya Sabha has functioned normally only on the first day of the session when the debate on demonetisation was initiated and held for about 5 hours.

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