14/12/2016 3:32 PM IST | Updated 14/12/2016 4:48 PM IST

Vir Das' Facebook Post Perfectly Sums Up The Disaster That 2016 Has Been

Telling it like it is.

Vir Das/ Facebook

To put it politely, 2016 has been not been a terribly great year, globally. War, politics, early deaths, you name it. There was the Brexit vote, the Trump triumph, devastation in Syria and beloved personalities such as Muhammad Ali, Fidel Castro, David Bowie, Prince, and author Harper Lee who left us.

Things haven't been peachy at home either, which is what Vir Das seems to be saying in his Facebook post, reproduced below. Besides the general state of things, Das doesn't seem very happy with some of the government's policy decisions and the courts' rulings.

His post kind of sums things up quite aptly.

This is what the post says:

What you're saying is...

Homosexuality is still illegal.

We have banned surrogacy.

Pollution is at its worst.

We are arresting people in movie theatres.

Normal people are standing in lines unable to reach their own money.

Rich people have ample access to money.

We are beating up painters, slashing films, threatening artists.

But on the bright side...Laddoos?

Predictably, the post's comments section is a war zone. But to all the haters, Vir Das has only one thing to say:

Vir Das/ Facebook

You go tell 'em, Vir!