This Indian Woman's Viral Facebook Post Answers All The Questions You Need To Ask Your Partner Before Getting Married

"The whole point of deal breakers is that they should be known before the deal is fixed, not after it is broken."

When Nazreen Fazal was first introduced to her future husband, she chose an unconventional way to break the ice in what was an 'arranged' match. She sent him a two-page profile about herself and what she was looking for in a partner. In turn, he sent her three details about himself and asked her three questions.

In the next one week, the two exchanged 80 emails talking about their priorities, what they expected from their partner and what they wanted from their future. "I was the one asking most of the questions- 'What do you think about women working? 'What do you think abuse means?' ( I actually asked that) 'When do you want to have children (if at all)?'-- I bombarded him with question after question and he patiently answered each one of them," Fazal wrote on her Facebook page. After two months of emailing, Skype calls and one meeting, the two finally decided to tie the knot in August.

In a viral Facebook post, Fazal encapsulates this encounter and highlights the importance of finding out whether you and your partner are on the same page when it comes to career, finance, children and responsibilities, before getting married.

"Ours is a funny culture, this desi one. We spend ages ordering off a menu in a restaurant (butter chicken and garlic naan in the end), but when it comes to selecting a partner FOR THE ENTIRE FRIKKIN' LIFE we expect a man and a woman to meet for a few hours (some times less than an hour) and finalise it then and there. In some cases it's worse, the people who are supposed to get married never meet before the wedding day!" Fazal wrote on Facebook.

There are many gems from here. Here, read it.